Dan Patrick says Dewhurst has the same record as he does: inaction, hypocrisy, and duplicity.

Dan Patrick in 2014:

"Dewhurst has a proven record of inaction, hypocrisy and duplicity," Patrick said, contending that an outsider like himself is needed to get things done in the state Senate.

Dan Patrick in 2012 said "[David Dewhurst's] record was the same as Rick Perry's and mine." Here's the screenshot of Patrick/Goeb's Facebook rant:

Dan Patrick says David Dewhurst has the same record

In the same Facebook post endorsing Dewhurst's nasty campaign against Ted Cruz, Dan Goeb/Patrick then revised it to say that they share 98% of the same record.

Dan Patrick and David Dewhurst 98% same record

Posted by Evan @ 02/18/14 01:04 PM


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