Al Gore ycophants

Have you read the Time cover story on Al Gore?

Sycophantic would be an extreme understatement. I think Pravda might've had more balanced coverage. What an embarrassment for Time.

Posted by Evan @ 05/17/07 07:09 PM


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It's no more 'sycophantic' than the Armbrister piece you favorably linked to.

But if the media is going to give Gore some favorable coverage FOR A CHANGE, it's about damn time. After all, the media's outright lies about Gore in 2000 cost him the large victory that would have prevented Team Corruption from taking an election they didn't win.

Posted by Woody Bombay @ 05/20/07 06:03 PM

How's life in the fantasy-based community, Woody?

Posted by PvW @ 05/20/07 06:11 PM

I don't know, PvW. I'm not part of that 28 percent and that was my first post in this particular neck of the fantasy-based community woods.

Posted by Woody Bombay @ 05/20/07 09:44 PM

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