David Wallace to announce his intentions Monday

Sugar Land Mayor David Wallace told the local ABC news tonight that he would announce his decision on Monday about whether to continue running for CD22 as a write-in. He plans a press conference from Sugar Land's Town Square on Monday afternoon.

He's already filed to be a write-in, so I don't know whether he can un-file, but he has virtually no chance of success after the local Republican party organizations united around Shelley Sekula-Gibbs. So that would make you think that he's not running.

But Wallace also commented to ABC13 that he had a database of voters across the district, and that it was undemocratic to let about 100 precinct chairs decide the GOP's preferred write-in candidate. So maybe he is running...

If he's not running, it probably wasn't too wise to say that and thus further anger the GOP grassroots in the district in advance of 2008.

UPDATE: Nod to Chris Elam, for predicting this morning that Wallace would drop out Monday.

Posted by Evan @ 08/19/06 10:26 PM


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