The Romney Report

A Rice friend of mine has launched a blog called the Romney Report, which is chronicling Romney's 08 adventures.

Romney's campaign should be interesting. On the face of it, you'd think a Mormon Republican from Massachusetts wouldn't even have a shot. Especially after he has seemingly shifted his position on abortion (I think he was actually rather consistent, but there's certainly some nuance there) and recently signed a bill mandating health-insurance.

But Romney has quite the bio: Harvard Law, Harvard MBA, Bain Consulting, Bain Capital, and the 2002 Winter Olympics. He's known for being articulate in speeches, as well as charismatic in retail politics. He should be able to raise plenty of money from his consultant and venture capital connections.
Given that there's a substantial portion of the GOP who won't vote for Giuiliani or McCain, he may have a shot at the nomination. Conventional wisdom holds that it will end up in a head-to-head battle between McCain/Giuliani and a candidate perceived as more conservative. If so, Romney has a pretty good shot to be that candidate, and anything can happen.

So it's quite possible the blog will end up being a fascinating look. Or, Romney could end up dropping out months before the first caucus. That's what makes politics fun.

Posted by Evan @ 07/31/06 08:14 PM


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Americans will be looking for a change in direction come Nov and in 08.Look at the polls over 70% of the Republican say that we are heading in the wrong direction and I agree.But to think we would support Romney or any other sellout RINO is funny.He has lied and betryed the very same people that have put Republicans in power.WE HAVE BEEN AWAKEND AND THE TIDES OF CHANGE ARE COMING IN NOV AND YOUR NOT PART ODF IT MIT OR PERRY.

Posted by [email protected] @ 08/01/06 08:30 PM

You're from SD per your IP, so I don't think that either Governor Perry or Guv Romney is particularly concerned.

I'm not a big Romney fan -- it's Mitt, by the way -- but he's popular with the National Review crowd, so he's protected from RINO-dom on some fronts.

Posted by evan @ 08/01/06 10:17 PM

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