Interview done; blogging soon; running now

I got done my interview with Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes a bit ago. We talked for about 45 minutes, although because I haven't done any interviews in awhile...the conversation was all over the map. I haven't decided how to put this online. My plan right now is to try to transcribe the conversation. I'll probably serialize this, because transcribing takes a long time even when you used to be a secretary like me. At the end of this -- although the sound quality isn't great -- I'll probably put up an MP3 of the whole conversation.

We didn't talk too much about current things. I may call him back and get his thoughts on some of the more current things I had for him.

I'm off for a run. When I come back I'll catch up on blogging and perhaps start transcribing.

Posted by Evan @ 07/28/06 03:53 PM


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