Who needs polling when you have anecdotes?

Janet Elliott filed a piece in the Houston Chronicle looking at the petition gathering by Strayhorn and Friedman in Houston/Harris County. I'm not really sure what the point is, since signature gathering doesn't tell us anything. You gotta love anecdotes like this though:

One of those volunteers was Katy Whelan, a 47-year-old resident of the Timbergrove neighborhood who works in the oil and gas industry and collected 400 signatures for Friedman. She said most of the signatures were gathered at a popular weekend farmers market in the Heights.

She also tapped her friends and neighbors at wine parties and other gatherings.

"We're all like-minded, pretty much basically Democrats," she said. "Everybody is such a fan of Kinky's."

Joyce Aquil, a 60-year-old educator, remembers signing a petition for Strayhorn at the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum in the Third Ward. But she acknowledged last week that she didn't know much about the candidate.

"What's her claim to fame?" she asked. "Is she the grandmother person?"

Aquil said she considers herself an independent. "I usually vote all over the board. I'm not partial to a particular party," she said.

Brad McClellan, Strayhorn's son and campaign manager, said the campaign is pleased with its diverse support.

"We've always had very good support from African-Americans and Hispanics," he said.

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