Strayhorn gets one state teacher endorsement, Bell gets Houston affiliate

Janet Elliot in the Houston Chronicle:

The Texas Federation of Teachers on Friday endorsed independent gubernatorial candidate Carole Keeton Strayhorn, but the group's Houston affiliate is sticking with Democrat Chris Bell.

The 51,000-member group became the second teachers union to endorse Strayhorn, the Republican comptroller running for governor as an independent. In January, she got the nod from the Texas State Teachers Association.

"As a former teacher and longtime supporter of public education, Strayhorn has shown that she will keep the interests of our schoolchildren at the top of her agenda," said Linda Bridges, TFT president.


Fallon said she's asking the TFT not to send any mailers endorsing Strayhorn to the group's Houston members.

It's certainly not good for Bell when he can't get the endorsement of one of the most reliably Democratic groups in the state.

Bell and his campaign staff have often said that they'll win if they get all the Democrats to vote for the Democrat. I'm not sure that's true anyway -- though it might be -- but it doesn't look like Bell has a good chance of a unified Democratic bloc.

Posted by Evan @ 07/16/06 10:35 PM


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I agree. Bad for Bell. WHy does something tell me more dems are about to publically back carole in the next few weeks?

Posted by BenHur @ 07/17/06 11:33 PM

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