Ballots, conventional wisdom, and Grandmas

As if to prove my point from a post a few days ago, the Midland Reporter-Telegram pens an editorial including the line:

Strayhorn maintains "Grandma" is part of her identity. Of course, her campaign slogan maintains she is "one tough Grandma." No one really believes Strayhorn thought she could actually get the "Grandma" tag on the ballot, but she used the opportunity to get some much needed free publicity.
Emphasis is mine. Like I said, I can understand why she wants to be "Grandma" on the ballot:
Strayhorn's own campaign surveys indicate her name identification jumps about 10 points if "Grandma" is attached, thanks to the "One Tough Grandma" political slogan she has used for several years.
I believe her name ID is higher right now when associated with Grandma, but it seems to me like the point of her paid media should be to splash "Carole Strayhorn. One Tough Grandma." over every ad she does.

So it's a mild loss not to be on the ballot as Grandma, but the greater cost is further solidifying a reputation.

Posted by Evan @ 07/16/06 08:28 PM


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