Friedman: Poll for me.

Kinky Friedman proposes that media outlets hold online polls.

His campaign's latest proposal, which calls on the state's news organizations and blogs to conduct informal Web site polls to determine the true leader in the race for governor, has a certain flimflam quality to it.

In a way, Friedman has a very good point. Traditional polls, which rely on consistent voters, aren't an accurate barometer in a race with two well-known independents trying to topple GOP incumbent Gov. Rick Perry.

Whether Republicans or Democrats want to admit it, Friedman has gotten the attention of the state's vast pockets of residents who are sick of all politicians.

On the other hand, Friedman has got to be kidding if he wants us to take a bunch of Web polls with more than a grain of salt.

While these polls routinely allow only one vote to be cast from any single computer, nothing is to stop an organized entity like a political campaign, labor union, church community or a building full of college frat boys from stacking the ballot box by issuing an online call to arms.

Not only that, such polls are mere snapshots of who happens to be viewing a Web site on a given day. Nobody really has any way of knowing if the respondents are 8 or 80, or if they intend to vote.

But these are mere details to Friedman's campaign. In an e-mail to the media Friday, Friedman touted the results of eight recent online polls from Amarillo to San Antonio that all had him running in first place.

Asked if this was a strategically selected assortment of polls, Friedman spokeswoman Laura Stromberg insisted "these are the only polls we're aware of," except for one. The one they left out was conducted by a Democratic blog that showered Democratic Party nominee Chris Bell with 78 percent of the "vote."

I'm not sure why the San Antonio Express-News didn't name the blog, which I assume was Burnt Orange Report.

Friedman's full release is here.

I may just do a poll myself. Why the heck not?

Posted by Evan @ 07/12/06 09:13 PM


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