I love Texas politics

John Kelso's latest:

[Democratic Comptroller nominee Fred] Head is pointing fingers at Combs for writing a paperback 16 or 17 years ago in which the characters fall into two distinct categories: 1. hot, and 2. bothered. Head figures this will bring Combs down. "I think it's going to come to roost, and she's going to be in another line of work in November," said Head, an attorney in Athens and a former state rep.

It doesn't bother me that Combs penned a book way back when that includes: "You have to tell me I'm wonderful at least five time a day, kiss me senseless more than that, and make love to me until we're exhausted."

Being a paranoid columnist with an ego problem, I can empathize with a character who needs to be told he's wonderful at least five times a day. Besides, if Combs wins Carole Strayhorn's job, we'll go from One Tough Grandma to One Hot Mamma.

If I recall correctly, Lynne Cheney wrote a romance novel. Besides, I happen to be writing my own novel right now, and it's a bit romantic in a Fitzgerald-esque kind of way.

I realize that Head has name ID problems. And so, getting anyone (especially Kelso) to write about him is a coup. But is this really the best he could do?

Posted by Evan @ 07/07/06 12:29 AM


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