Strahorn for governor

Comptroller Carole Strayhorn's campaign for governor filled out her declaration to filed as an independent...but didn't spell her name right. Comptroller Strayhorn still signed her name the correct way, but the form (filled out by her lawyer) spelled her name as "Strahorn" twice.

Well, she hasn't ever run for office as Strayhorn before.

Meanwhile, the Texas State Teachers Association PAC endorsed Strayhorn. TSTA represents 65,000 "educational employees." A teacher's union, the TSTA has always endorsed Democrats in the past, even endorsing Democrat Marty Akins over Strayhorn in her 2002 Comptroller race.

Perry has a big advantage in the endorsement game. Since most political observers didn't believe Strayhorn had a chance in the primary, most organizations have been endorsing him. He counts 140 endorsements, while this is Strayhorn's first.

It's a bit of a blow to Democrats, because a stalwart Democratic union is essentially offering their view of who is more likely to win. They apparently think Strayhorn has a better chance to win than the Democratic nominee -- witness the quote from the group's president, "It comes down to electability."

Updated 10am, 1/12.

Posted by Evan @ 01/11/06 08:02 PM


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