Gammage makes the run

Selby -- Statesman:

A former Texas Supreme Court justice last on a ballot 16 Novembers ago filed to seek the 2006 Democratic nod for governor today, blasting GOP Gov. Rick Perry for drumming up school finance ideas on a campaign-funded trip to the Bahamas.

Bob Gammage, 67, stood next to a blown-up photograph of a yacht on shimmering waters though not the boat enjoyed by Perry, supporters and advisers.

SAEN take here.

Who is Gammage's political consultant? Why did Gammage file without announcing?

For a candidate with almost zero name ID, the first thing you'd want to do is get your name in the papers. If Gammage had announced first, he could've had a round of coverage across the state, and then repeated that coverage by filing. Color me puzzled.

Posted by Evan @ 12/17/05 03:07 AM


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