The strangest thing about 2016 to me

It's been a crazy campaign. The Republican Party lost a hostile takeover to a liberal Democrat from a New York. An outright socialist nearly got the Dem nomination.

Yet to me the strangest thing is still:

Why did Ted Cruz look at the Dewhurst campaign and think, "Yeah, that's the kind of campaign I want to run for president!"?

The Dewhurst campaign did their best to "otherize" Ted Cruz in 2012. They implicitly and explicitly called him a sellout to the Chinese Communists, they had trucks parked outside the Cruz campaign office, they tried to make him seem like a foreigner, there was lots of immigration innuendo, they questioned his patriotism, etc etc.

This was all came to a head when Ted Cruz got a little emotional during a debate and directly confronted Dewhurst to ask why a Dew mail piece explicitly questioned his patriotism.

The piece was written by Jeff Roe, the Cruz 2016 campaign manager.

That's hardly the end of it -- Cruz 2016 relied pretty heavily on the people behind Dewhurst 2012.

So again, why did Ted Cruz look at those campaign tactics and think, "yeah, that's what I want!"

I don't get it.

Posted by Evan @ 07/31/16 06:53 PM


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