Jason Villalba's progressively thin skin

Dallas state rep Jason Villalba told an audience that Speaker Joe Straus would deliver a "progressive" agenda. That's pretty strange, since that's what liberals have been attempting to rebrand themselves for at least 15 years now. But yet, given a chance to correct a misstatement, Villalba reiterated, "I don't know why progressive is a bad word."

But then Straus was selected by Democrats (and a handful of liberal Republicans) to be speaker. Since then, Joe Straus has directed the Texas House like he owes his position to Democrats.

Apparently Jason Villalba wants to make sure Democrats know that Joe Straus is not going to abandon them, as he knew his remarks would get picked up by the press.

As long as Democrats remain 100% unified in their habitual pro-Straus bloc, then the Speaker is likely safe -- unless Republicans decide to stop letting Democrats pick Straus as speaker. Hence why I tweeted:

Less than 5 minutes after I tweeted that:

Progessive Jason Villalba has thin skin

Jason Villalba blocked me. For a politician, Villalba has some very thin skin.

Posted by Evan @ 01/08/15 11:52 PM


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