What endorsement will Dewhurst unveil at Monday's debate?

Thursday morning when the King St Patriots debate was announced, I tweeted that Dewhurst's poll numbers must be deteriorating rapidly for Dewhurst to all of a sudden stop dodging debates. Today a poll of DFW came out that had Cruz winning by 10. Most interesting was the data point that 16% of folks who voted for Dewhurst in May were switching to Cruz. What percent was switching from Cruz to Dewhurst? 0%. That's right: ZERO percent.

But after playing hide-the-candidate for so long, my guess is that the Dewhurst campaign is also planning on unveiling an endorsement.

KBH seems like the logical endorsement for Dewhurat to unveil. and like Leppert I have long assumed that she
is likely to eventually endorse Dewhurst. There's certainly some reasons she might not endorse. I am skeptical she would help much even in DFW even if she does endorse.

There are other potential big-name endorsers but this late in the game an endorser needs to elicit a strong emotional reaction to change attitudes.

The only real name Dewhurst could unveil that might move the dial is probably W

(Apologies for typos and terseness as I am typing from my phone)

Update 7/23 1:30pm: If I had to guess, I'd guess Dewhurst releases Dan Patrick endorsement tonight, with KBH second likely.

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Posted by Evan @ 07/20/12 10:42 PM


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