Dewhurst's "blur the difference" strategy

The Texas press corps has been repeating a silly meme recently. It goes something like this: "David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz have similar views on issues." Hardly.*

Dewhurst's entire campaign strategy is to blur the differences between Ted Cruz and himself.

Dewhurst blurs the difference
It started when Dewhurst started stealing every broad theme that Cruz would use. When Cruz entered the race, he put the proven record page prominently on his website and referred to it in every speech. So when Dewhurst entered the race a few months later, he started repeating the phrase "proven record." As a reaction, Cruz started saying that he was a proven conservative. Then Dewhurst started proclaiming himself that as well to blur the difference. To further distinguish himself, Cruz pointed out that he was a proven conservative fighter. And that has led to Dewhurst's obsession for the last few months with calling himself a fighter.

Posted by Evan @ 06/27/12 10:37 PM


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