Who's the empty suit, Tom Leppert?

Tom Leppert's last few TV ads claim that Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst are just mere empty suits. Yet at the beginning of his campaign, Tom Leppert admitted that he didn't know anything about foreign policy. With apologies to The Hotline:

Tom Leppert, talking about his opponents:

"Everybody's got their first three sentences, which is about 60 seconds. They can't deal with the issues any deeper than that."

Tom Leppert at the beginning of the campaign, per National Review:

On foreign policy, he's admittedly a neophyte. Asked whether he would have supported New START, Leppert responds, "To be frank with you, that's where I would have used the position to sit down with our folks in national security and get a good feel for whether they thought that was protecting our interests."

At the time of that interview, New START was the hottest issue facing the US Senate and conservatives opposed it. Yet Tom Leppert apparently hadn't even heard about New START, much less formed an opinion on whether the terms of the treaty made it worth it to give up American sovereignty.

Bottom line: You can't claim others are empty suits when you don't have a position on the hot issues of the office you're running for.

Posted by Evan @ 05/23/12 02:05 PM


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