Ted Cruz for Senate

I've decided to support Ted Cruz for Senate. If you take a look at my criteria, I think you'll understand why: Ted is the best communicator, he has the clearest message in the race, and he is best positioned to keep the seat in Republican hands for decades to come. I like quite a few of the candidates in the race, but Cruz stood out as the obvious choice.

I have spent a fair amount of time watching videos of Texas Republican Senate candidates, and I came away struck that Cruz had the clearest reason for why he's running -- to defend free enterprise from the Obama administration. His record winning in the Supreme Court is pretty much unparalleled, including quite a few cases no one thought he'd win. The more I watched the candidates speak, the more I became convinced that Cruz was the right choice to be the next Senator from Texas.

Cruz has risen to the top in everything he's ever done -- whether being a national debate champ, advising W's 2000 presidential campaign on domestic policy, clerking for Chief Justice Rehnquist, or compiling an incomparable record defending the constitution -- all before the age of 40. We know he's smart, we know he works really hard, and we know that he is firm in his convictions. There's no one I'd rather trust to represent Texans and conservatives in the Senate and on the national stage.

Finally, Cruz can stay in the Senate long enough to get things done for Texas. To some that's a bad thing, but basic issues of fairness to Texas require that our senators have seniority: not getting short-changed on highway funding after all the gas tax money we send to Washington DC and not being discriminated against in the tax code because we have a sales tax instead of an income tax. He's young and he can't get distracted by running for president, so he'll be able to follow in the footsteps of Senators who made sure Texas didn't get disadvantaged.

I've donated to Ted Cruz's campaign, and I encourage you to do the same. And because his mom went to Rice, we can forgive him for choosing Princeton over Rice.

Posted by Evan @ 03/04/11 01:03 PM


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