Strayhorn campaigning against toll roads in South Texas

Strayhorn was down in San Juan, speaking at a rally against a planned 9 mile toll road between Military Highway and US 83. Here's the McAllen Monitor's take.

Ramona Gonzalezís limited English didnít allow her to fully understand what Texas Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn ó a 2006 Republican candidate for Governor ó was saying at a campaign rally Tuesday, but she believed every word of it.

"I think she spoke well," Gonzalez of San Juan said. "She appeared strong."

Strayhorn rallied support at San Juan fire station No. 2 with about 50 residents, outlining her agenda: no toll roads and come March, after the Republican primary election, no Gov. Rick Perry.

Campaigners passed out Strayhorn for Governor bumper stickers and pledge cards, while many audience members held anti-toll road signs and cheered at Strayhornís opposition.

"Itís a land grab being crammed down our throats," Strayhorn said of a possible nine-mile toll road slicing through San Juan from Military Highway to U.S. Expressway 83. "Mayor (San Juanita Sanchez of San Juan), you just give me a hollaí and Iíll come lay down in front of a bulldozer with you and stop toll roads."

The Monitor quotes Strayhorn being surprisingly candid about a strategy to get Democrats to vote for her:

Focusing on her campaign for Governor, Strayhorn pledged to work for support in the Rio Grande Valley, one of the few strongholds for Democrats in the State of Texas.

"Iím not trying to make Republicans out of everyone," said Strayhorn, though she invited everyone to vote in the Republican March 7 primary. Texas has open primaries, meaning voters can participate in either partyís primary.

San Juan resident and democrat Arnoldo Cantu said Strayhorn could win over the always-Democrat friendly Valley.

"If she can come along and offer something new," said Cantu, she might win. "The Democrats are standing still."

Comptroller Strayhorn obviously needs to convince some Democratic leaners to vote for her in the Republican primary for her to win. So she's trying to be as subtle as possible in pursuing Democratic votes.

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Posted by Evan @ 07/27/05 01:46 PM


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I would like to see a map of the propossed right of way for this toll road if any one has a copy. Toll road in south texas

Posted by Hector Longoria @ 08/17/05 07:19 PM

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