Funniest radio ad of the year so far

Rick Perry's radio ad on Chris Bell is pretty funny. A knockoff of the "Real Men of Genius" ads, it made me laugh and I was impressed at how many issues they managed to cram into one ad.

Announcer: Presenting...

Singer: Real Washington liberals

Announcer: Today we salute you, Mr. Way Too Liberal for Texas Guy

Singer: Mr. Way Too Liberal for Texas Guy!

Announcer: Only you, Chris Bell, could vote for higher taxes ten times in congress, and despite a record state surplus, run for governor on a platform of raising taxes.

Singer: This ain't Taxachusetts!

Chorus: Taxachusetts!

Announcer: Congressman Bell, only you could vote to make it hard to deport terrorists then support sanctuary for illegal immigrants so the law can't ask a person's legal status.

Singer: Don't ask, don't tell!

Announcer: And you voted to let the United Nations oversee elections in America because no one stands up for democracy like the French.

Singer: Je m'appelle Christophe Bell! (My name is Chris Bell)

Announcer: So wear your fancy beret with pride, Congressman Bell...liberals everywhere salute you.

Singer: Mr. Way Too Liberal for Texas Guy

Chorus: Ooh la la

You can listen to it here. You know, once upon a time Chris Bell was running as the de facto Republican candidate for mayor. Then he started a steady slide leftward that continues to this day, and he's been campaigning for governor with a pretty left-ward bent. He certainly hasn't pushed back at being called a liberal.

The ironies of this campaign makes me smile.

Posted by Evan @ 10/31/06 12:24 AM


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oh i dunno ... the one out today on strayhorn gives this one a good run for the money ... them's good political ads -- i don't care what side of the aisle your on

nice blog!

Posted by jts @ 10/31/06 04:36 PM

I posted today's Strayhorn radio ad on my blog, too.


Posted by kimmy @ 10/31/06 09:54 PM

In response to the last paragraph discussing the ironies of the campaign.

Rick Perry used to be a Democrat. Then he made a huge slide rightward and has been tainted ever since.

Posted by kth @ 11/01/06 12:52 PM

Yeah, but Perry was never all that much of a good Democrat. By contrast, Bell was a Democrat who was trying hard to be a Republican so he could run for mayor.

Posted by Evan_Owner @ 11/01/06 01:05 PM

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