What is Dan Patrick running for?

Word on the street is that Dan Patrick is doing a statewide mailout in the next week or so either through a) his state senate campaign, or b) one of his surrogates (eg, CLOUT).

Certainly some people are already whispering: what is Dan Patrick running for in 2010?

There was the recent purchase of KVCE 1160, which will provide a platform for Patrick's views. No doubt Patrick knows that the metro areas of Houston and the Metroplex provide almost half of the votes in a statewide Republican primary.

And after his obliteration of two state reps and a Houston city councilman in March's SD7 primary, Patrick must be feeling good about his campaign appeal. The Chron didn't exactly offer sympathetic coverage, but that certainly didn't hurt him at all. In fact, it probably helped him.

Now there's a statewide mailout on the way.

I'd say the smart money is on Patrick running statewide in '10. The question is whether he decides to try and take on Dewhurst or Kay Bailey for governor, or whether he runs for a lower statewide office. Imagine how much fun a Dan Patrick/David Dewhurst/Kay Bailey Hutchison primary would be. Assuming Rick Perry doesn't run for re-election, of course.

Despite Republican hegemony in this state's politics, we still haven't had a real GOP primary. That ain't gonna last forever.

Posted by Evan @ 09/25/06 05:35 PM


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Rick Perry cannot run again - he's term limited

Dan has a limited appeal, he has set expectations so high - like those who expected Republicans with thin majorities to end income and social security taxes in Washington - they will crucify him when he does nothing.
(Not by choice, his ideas are good but he insulted everyone on both sides many correctly but many incorrectly)

Dan will be buried in a hole of his own digging. He's very prickly against any criticism and he's going to get both barrels from both sides.

His poorly thought out lawsuit and his whinning he had to pay taxes on the millions he made stirring up the populace is going to be shone very bright and very public, no one likes tax cheats.

In one year - most of Dan's supporters are going to know alot more about Mr, Patrick and be able to make a full and decisive choice about even reelecting him.

Posted by EricPWJohnson @ 09/26/06 04:37 AM

sorry eric, there are no term limits in texas... perry could run ten more times if he wanted to.

Posted by sally @ 09/26/06 08:54 PM

Ray Hutchison, Kent Hance (twice), Tom Loeffler, Jack Rains, and Tom Luce may disagree with your "a real GOP primary" gubernatorial comment.

Posted by jim @ 09/26/06 09:01 PM

Jim --

I meant that since Republicans have come to dominate statewide races, we haven't had a high-profile statewide GOP primary.

This is pretty surprising, and not what a political science academic would expect. After all, the GOP primary right now is essentially the general election. You would expect that we would have had some primaries. Not yet.

Posted by evan @ 09/27/06 12:03 AM

Sally is right, of course. There are no term limits on Texas governors.

Posted by evan @ 09/27/06 12:04 AM

Evan --

With a few exceptions, Democrats tended to annoint down-ballot statewide candidates when they were in charge. The GOP was close to having a high-profile lite guv race four years ago (Cornyn and Abbott toyed with the idea, and Ratliff and Sibley actually announced and campaigned for a while) but the money deal shut those campaigns down fairly quickly.

Bush cleared the field in 1994, and an incumbent has run for Governor ever since. I wouldn't considering it surprising; the opportunity just hasn't presented itself.

PS: Almost all handicappers figured the GOP nominee in 1990 would win the general, so I'd count that one.

Best --


Posted by jim @ 09/27/06 06:01 PM

Eric -

Dan did not file the lawsuit. Edd Hendee did. I must also question your assessment of it as "poorly thought out" as Rick Perry has now lifted his 2007 session budget plan, announced yesterday, from the lawsuit's requested remedies:


I seriously doubt that he or any of the other candidates would even be talking about Article VIII, Section 22 had CLOUT not filed that suit thus putting it on the state agenda.

Whether you like Dan Patrick or not, the suit's main complaint - or at least the evidence part of it - is pretty much incontrovertable in showing that the legislature busted the cap last spring. CLOUT sent a message saying "fix it, or we'll ask the court to do it for you." By all indications (Perry, Kinky, and Grandma all favor Article VIII reform to scrap personal income in favor of Gross State Product) that message resonated.

Posted by PWM @ 09/29/06 03:12 PM

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