My brief thoughts on the debate

* I thought both Perry and KBH let personal animity affect their lines at points.

* From a strategic standpoint, Perry is ahead, so Kay has limited opportunities to make up ground. She didn't do it tonight.

* I heard Kay articulate a possible message in her closing statement (I'm running to prepare Texas for 20 years from now) but that was the first time I heard it during the debate. I have heard her mention this as the rationale for her candidacy before, but if that's her message, she might want to try to make sure we don't miss it so easily.

* Medina didn't attack either one.

* The "social media" angle was dumb.

* I felt a little bad for the girl who replied snootily "That's Johns Hopkins University...there's an s." You're young, we forgive you.

* Perry got a little flustered over the number of jobs and got off his "Texas has the strongest economy in the nation" talking point. At some point, he was doing a Bush-like smirk, which may have hurt him as large parts were split screen between Perry and KBH (was there a 3rd person on that stage?) On the other hand, I'd score him as having slightly won overall without the smirk.

* Kay Bailey's response about Roe v. Wade was one of the most tortured logic statements I've ever heard. I understand why she doesn't want to admit that she supports Roe v Wade, but I think her answer made every single person watching uncomfortable.

Posted by Evan @ 01/15/10 05:33 AM


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Comments says this about "animity":

The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary.

You mean "animosity", don't you? Or "enmity"?

Posted by PDiddie @ 01/15/10 09:19 AM

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