Fundraising numbers

Money numbers for the Republicans, Democrats and Independents, all in one place for easy reference. Straight from the source.

Rick Perry: $8.75 million cash on hand. Raised $2.34M in 2005, spent $1.44M in 2005.

Carole Strayhorn: $7.03 million in cash on hand. Raised $1.58M and spent $0.28M.

Chris Bell: $10,741 in cash on hand. Raised $153K, spent $127K.

Kinky Friedman: $17K in cash on hand. Raised $301K, spent $285K.

A few notes:

1. Rick Perry and Carole Strayhorn start from a relatively similar base of money. Perry's campaign picks up the tab when he travels, as I understand it, and Perry is also spending money to put pressure on state legislators over school finance. Still, both should have money.

2. Kinky outraised the Democrats' only "exploratory" candidate. Yikes. That can't be something the Donks want to see. To be fair though, it's easy to overdo the importance of this.

3. Kinky is spending it as fast as he's bringing it in. Kinky already has over 10 people on staff, according to the Dallas Observer article, and he doesn't even know if he'll be on the ballot yet.

I went and poked through the Kinky campaign's expenditures. There are a few $5000 advances to Kinky for "travel expenses," which seems a bit unusual to me. Some of it is to bookstores and to vendors. Quite a bit is payroll and consulting fees, as you'd expect.

Rookie candidates often have problems keeping expenses down. We'll see what Kinky's burn rate is after the next reporting cycle. He's got to start saving money for signature gathering.

4. I'm going to poke through the other campaign reports when I get a chance.

Posted by Evan @ 07/19/05 09:06 AM


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