One, Two, Three

Clay Robison -- Austin Bureau Chief and weekly leftish opinion scribe -- asserts:

[Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst] had a better session than Gov. Rick Perry or Speaker Tom Craddick, but so did just about everybody else at the Capitol.

What say you, dear readers? Rank the Big 3 ordinally*, based on this Session.

* Word choice inspired by my father, who objected by telephone to "conclusory," claiming that it sounded pretentious.

Posted by Evan @ 06/26/07 12:13 PM


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Can we have a tie for last?

1. Perry
2. Dewhurst
3. Craddick

Perry wins because he didn't have any major explosions come his way in addition to embarrassing policy defeats. (see: The voter ID mess and the "eject the speaker" morass)

Posted by Cory @ 06/28/07 04:13 PM

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