She does like to talk about it

There are certain things in life I talk about doing that I haven't done. So I can't be too critical of our senior senator. Still, she does like to talk about running for governor:

Speaking at a gathering Wednesday of Texas chapters of Associated Builders and Contractors, Ms. Hutchison, a Republican, hinted she might run for governor in 2010.

The builders, unhappy with the current crop of declared GOP candidates for president, asked Ms. Hutchison what might induce her to run for that office. Her response was prompt.

"Nothing," she said to laughter from the crowd.

But her next musing was greeted by a resounding round of applause. "I might come home to Texas and run for governor," she said.

But will she? Although she has long been the most popular politician in the state, it remains to be seen if she can get through the GOP primary. I think she's likely to be able to, but it's no sure thing.

Ms. Hutchison also has said she would probably accept an offer to seek the vice presidency, if one were extended.

Isn't it generally considered bad form in the veepstakes to say that you'd accept?

Posted by Evan @ 06/15/07 01:02 PM


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