That sound you hear is me laughing

Glenn Smith brings the funny:

It is my view that the current Republican leadership in Austin and Washington is unalterably opposed to the diffusion of power. It is the concentration power and the wealth it brings them that they cherish most. [sic] Furthermore, this hunger for power has for too long been hidden in the sheep's clothing of "family values" or "government run like a business." Sometimes it's not even disguised. Conservative intellectuals like Judge Richard Posner argue against popular democracy and for elite rule. Posner even worries that increased political participation would distract citizens from their most important duty: buying things to support the consumer economy. (It's in his book, "Law, Pragmatism, and Democracy.")

Yup, Richard Posner is so directly influential on the Republican establishment. [/sarcasm]

Besides, methinks Mr. Smith ought read Judge Posner a bit less formalistically. [You're a law geek if you think that last sentence is funny.]

Posted by Evan @ 05/30/07 12:22 AM


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