Tonight's the night

The long-simmering Texas House is apparently boiling over tonight. A bunch of Dems and anti-Craddick Republicans want to vacate the Speaker's chair, and the Speaker has replied that he is not obliged to recognize any such motion.

Here's the lede on Karen Brooks' developing story:

Speaker Tom Craddick threw the House into turmoil and caused the House parliamentarian to resign on Friday night when he told lawmakers he could shut down an attempt to overthrow him simply by refusing to recognize the request to do it.

He also said, during a series of conversations with critics on the House floor, that there was no way for the House to appeal his decision.

Mr. Craddick refused to explain his decision and abruptly recessing the House for two and a half hours leaving the chamber, flanked by his closest allies, under raucous jeers and shouts from angry House members. One Craddick supporter, screamed back at them: "This is anarchy!"

I'm following the story at the Chron's blog, the DMN's blog, and Kronberg. A live audio feed is available.

Posted by Evan @ 05/26/07 12:34 AM


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Craddick has now placed himself above the rule of law. No person who respects democracy AT ALL can support him after this fiasco. I thought I was watching faux legislative proceedings from someplace like Cuba.

Posted by blue @ 05/26/07 09:49 AM

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