Keffer to challenge Craddick

Keffer to announce for Speaker. Here's his press release:

State Representative Jim Keffer (R-Eastland) announced today that he has filed his candidacy paperwork for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives for the 81st Regular Session which will begin in January, 2009.

Keffer said he will formerly announce his candidacy for Speaker at the Texas House Republican Caucus meeting scheduled for early this afternoon.

"During the past few days, a majority of the members of the Texas House have agreed that we need a new Speaker and most have stated that they would prefer the selection of a new Speaker upon adjournment of the Regular Session rather than by placing a call on the Speaker during the session."

Keffer also challenged incumbent Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick to publicly join with him in committing to a three-term Speaker limit.

Jay Root had this bit today:

But [Texas House Democratic Leader Jim] Dunnam said if Craddick falls in the next two weeks, which is all that's left of the 2007 session, it will be an internal matter for the majority party. Dunnam also vowed to oppose a move to take Craddick out unless he has some idea about who would replace the Midland Republican.

"I would want to know why, and what the alternatives were," Dunnam said. "I can't find a Democrat who knows anything other than the rumors."

Perhaps the lack of support by Dunnam/anti-Craddick Democrats is why Keffer is not challenging Tom Craddick now. Keffer would seem to have no chance now if he can't count on Dunnam.

I kinda like the term-limit idea for Speaker though, but I generally don't think these things should be done retroactively.

Posted by Evan @ 05/15/07 03:01 PM


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