Bob Novak:

Fred Thompson's unannounced candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination will go to Stamford, Conn., May 24 for the Connecticut GOP's annual Prescott Bush dinner.

"We're obviously excited out of our minds about it," the party's state chairman, Robert M. Duncan, told this column. He was delighted that Connecticut had gotten the popular actor-politician ahead of Virginia's June 2 party fundraiser.

A footnote: Without announcing his candidacy, Thompson has won straw polls at the Oklahoma Republican convention, the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, the California Republican Assembly and Georgia's 9th Congressional District party convention.

Thompson's support is remarkably strong in the grassroots.

May 8 was being talked about as the announcement date, but perhaps that's been pushed off.

Posted by Evan @ 04/28/07 02:02 PM


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Posted by Fred Thompson @ 04/28/07 03:53 PM

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