AG rumors on JC and AG

There's rumors flying about that suggest John Cornyn will be appointed the new AG when Alberto Gonzales resigns.

I've never been convinced that Gonzales was going to resign, and I think right now that the odds are slightly in favor of Gonzales sticking around.

Bush isn't the sort of president who is going to dump one of his longest serving and favorite aides. If he does so, he's encouraging Democrats to go after other targets. Plus, ramming through confirmation of the next Attorney General would just be a huge distraction. This news story can't stay alive forever, despite the best efforts of the Senate [as Michael Barone notes, the whole flap is best viewed as a power struggle between different branches of government.]

And as for the rumors that Perry steps down in order to become Senator? Who makes this stuff up? [And why did Harvey publish it?] Maybe I misread Perry, but I see precious little to indicate that he's the kind of guy who wants to go hang around DC in the Senate.

Posted by Evan @ 04/26/07 11:16 PM


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