The Case for Fred Thompson

I've been drafting an op-ed column -- "The Case for Drafting Fred Thompson" -- that I plan to try to get published.

I have a bit of a unique point of view, in that I was one of the first people to suggest that we should draft Fred Thompson to run for president. Evidently, since I first blogged about it on October 26th, plenty of other people feel the same.

My tone is rather Peggy Noonan-ish, or at least it feels like it to me. That's certainly a change for me; I tend towards the tight, structured essays rather than conversational exposition. I didn't plan it that way, so the column might be terrible. It's also probably a bit harder to get published with a conversational tone as an unknown writer. But sometimes it writes itself.

Update: My dad likes my column!

Posted by Evan @ 04/26/07 10:19 PM


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