Reason interviews Rauch

Reason Editor Nick Gillespie interviewed National Journal writer Jonathan Rauch. It's a great read, plus it contains a phrase I really wish I'd written:

In a world in which political discourse tends to veer from insane overstatement (think Ann Coulter) to plodding conventionalism (David Broder) to barely disguised partisanship (Paul Krugman)

Plus, there's this:

reason: You have a favorite bit of advice to younger people, don't you?

Rauch: Don't go to law school unless you want to be a lawyer.

reason: That would thin the herd pretty quickly, wouldn't it?

Rauch: Yeah, it sure would.

reason: That might be the most powerful reform idea that you have.

Rauch: I was going to say you could probably dump the whole rest of the interview and just print that.

I suppose you could also simply allow people to be lawyers if they pass the bar, rather than requiring law school.

Posted by Evan @ 04/23/07 09:34 AM


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