Follow the money: 77010, 77046, and 77056

One of the big donor zip code -- 77056, and a couple of the smaller ones. The big one I still haven't done is 77024, which is Memorial.

77010 is a downtown Houston zipcode.
James Bryan -- 2300 Giuliani, indie oil exploration.
James and Molly Crownover -- each maxed to Romney. he's chair of the Rice University Board of Trustees and former McKinsey partner.
Courtney and Robert Hopson -- Fayez Sarofim Co., wealth management
Arthur Nathan -- 2300 McCain. Haynes and Boone lawyer
Ed Rhyne -- 2100 Romney. Haynes and Boone lawyer.
Fayez Sarofim -- 2100 to Romney, 2300 to Giuliani. He works for -- you guessed it -- Fayez Sarofim Co.
Ralph Thomas -- 2300 McCain, Fayez Sarofim.

77046 is Greenway Plaza.
Gary Rosenthal -- 2100 Romney, Sterling Group, a private equity fund.
Mike Rutherford -- 2100 Giuliani, indie oilman
Doug Schnitzer -- 2100 Giuliani, Senterra Real Estate
Neil Tofsky -- 1000 Bill Richardson, Senterra
Gene and Astrid Van Dyke -- he's an indie oil man, Vanco Energy
Ed Wulfe -- 2100 McCain. real estate developer, major light rail proponent.

77056 -- Galleria and Tanglewood
Daryl Anderson -- 2300 Romney, Fulbright partner.
Thomas Allen -- double maxout to Hillary. lawyer.
Kathy Bracewell -- 2100 Giuliani. I assume that's a Bracewell and Giuliani connection.
Carole Bailey -- double max out to Hillary. wife of trial lawyer.
Chester and Margaret Benge -- both max to McCain. he's head of a drilling rig co.
Lloyd Bentsen -- 2300 Hillary. presumably this is III.
Ed Cummins -- 2000 Giuliani. real estate broker.
Michael Capellas -- 2300 Obama former Compaq/MCI CEO
Don Clark -- 2300 Edwards. trial lawyer
Jay Comeaux -- 2300 McCain, head of Stanford Group Houston office; wealth management.
Denis Debakey -- 2300 Giuliani, New York Life
Jonathan Godshall -- 2000 Richardson, renewable energy
Mark and Debra Grierson -- 2100 each Giuliani; he's in employee benefits consulting
James Glanville -- 2300 McCain, real estate broker
Sylvia and Titus Harris -- both double maxed out to Giuliani. he's in investment, she in sales training.
Charles Herder -- max to Romney. real estate broker.
Patrick Haines -- 2300 Edwards. trial lawyer
Bruce Hotze -- 1000 Brownback. one of the Hotze brothers.
David Jones -- 2300 Romney. Dini Partners; fundraising consultants.
Walter and Yvonne Johnson -- both maxed to Romney. he's at Amegy Bank.
John and Jennifer Ligums -- both maxed to Giuliani. he's at Centaurus Energy, the hedge fund started by former Enron star trader John Arnold.
Kase Lawal -- 2300 Hillary. energy services company
Ralph Mcelvenney -- double max out to Giuliani. appears to be indie oil man.
Gary and Elizabeth Peterson -- both double maxed out Giuliani; he's in energy private equity.
Raymond Plank, 2300 Giuliani, chairman of Apache Corp.
Dan Pickering -- 2300 Romney. energy analyst
James and Beverly Postl -- 2300 to Hillary, Obama, and Edwards. he's former Pennzoil CEO.
Joseph Pyne -- 2300 Hillary. oil barge company
Gordon Quan -- immigration lawyer and former Houston City Councilman gave $500 to Hillary.
Thomas, Michelle, John, James, Anna, Isla, and Margaret Reckling -- this family did lots of maxing out to Giuliani.
David Saperstein -- 2100 to Romney and Giuliani, investment firm Five S Capital.
Robert and Elizabeth Snell -- each maxed to Romney. he's with Spinnaker Exploration
Robert Sonfeld -- max to Giuliani. lawyer.
Richard Stone -- 2300 Romney. Homebuilder.
Diana Strassmann -- 2300 Hillary. She's a feminist economist at Rice.
Dick and Kathy Vermillion -- 2100 each to Giuliani. he's in oilfield services.
Ann Witt -- 500 Tancredo. Former HD137 candidate.
Robin Young -- 2300 Edwards.

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