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Paul Burka (and contributors) have a series running over at BurkaBlog detailing the 08 Texas presidential donors. I'm going to add to it.

Mimi Swartz covers Houston zip codes 77002 (main downtown), 77019 (River Oaks), 77006 (Montrose, area south of east part of River Oaks) and 77027 (north of 59, east of 610, west of Greenway plaza, south of bayou. yes, that's the best description of it I can come up with).

Let me add some ZIP codes worthy of mentioning: 77005 (West University, Rice, Southampton. Has been the biggest Dem donor ZIP code in the state in some recent cycles), 77024 (Memorial), 77056 (Galleria), 77057 (Tanglewood), 77010 (other downtown), 77046 (Greenway Plaza), 77401 (Bellaire), 77079 (farther west Memorial; Energy Corridor).

77005 (note, max out = 2300. double max out = 4600, meaning that they maxed out for both the primary and general)

Sufi Ahmad -- 2300 John Edwards. trial lawyer.
Edward Allen -- $4600 Obama, double maxout. mutual fund manager.
David Baldwin -- $2300 Romney. energy investor; SCF Partners
Paul Bragg -- $2100 Giuliani, former Pride CEO; energy.
Peter Brown -- 1000 Giuliani, 500 Romney, 500 McCain, 2300 Obama. Interesting donations from the liberal Houston city council member. wife Anne maxed out to Obama.
Shane Battier -- $2300 Obama. New Rockets forward is one of the most underrated players in the NBA.
Lou Black -- $2100 Edwards, trial lawyer.
James Blackburn -- $2300 Obama, lawyer.
Christina Bryan -- 2300 Obama. Looks like she went to Harvard Law with the first black editor of Harvard Law Review (Obama).
Hunter and Cameron Kraft -- each $2100 to Edwards. trial law
Josh and Stephanie Davis -- each maxed to Romney. investment banking.
Bradley Dodson -- oil services. 2300 Romney.
Marcela Donadio -- 2300 Giuliani, Ernst and Young energy acct.
Mark Dannenbaum -- double maxout to McCain. radiologist.
Charles and Monica Eskridge -- both maxed to Giuliani. he's a SusmanGodfrey lawyer.
Kristan and Robert Gauntt -- 2100 each to Giuliani. he's in wealth management for Avalon Advisers.
David and Windi Grimes -- 2100 each to Giuliani. he's an indie oilman.
Sandra Godrey -- 2300 Hillary.
Charles Harris -- 2300 Giuliani -- investment banker.
Stephen King -- ran for CD25 in 2004 as a Dem. double maxout to Obama.
Kevin Lilly -- maxed to Giuliani. wealth management for Avalon Advisers.
Sylvia Mayer -- Weil Gotshal. double max out to Giuliani.
David Matthiesen -- 2300 Obama. lawyer
James Moriarty -- double max Hillary, 1k John Edwards. lawyer
Anthony and Cynthia Petrello -- 2100 Giuliani, 2100 Romney each. he's the COO at Nabors -- drilling rigs.
James Robertson -- 2300 Obama. lawyer
Amie and Jeff Springmeyer -- he owns a geographic seismic data company. each maxed to Romney.
Larry and Celia Veselka -- he's a lawyer. 2300 each Hillary.
Scott Wulfe -- 2300 Romney. Vinson and Elkins lawyer.
Jimmy Williamson -- 2300 Edwards. lawyer
John Wisneski -- 2300 Edwards. lawyer
Mark Yzaguirre -- 2300 Hillary. lawyer
Adam Zylman -- 2300 Romney; energy investor
Steven Zager -- max out Obama. AkinGump lawyer.

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