In skyscraper-crazy Dubai, tall isn't enough. In a design to be unveiled today in the oil-rich emirate, David Fisher, an Italian-Israeli architect, has dreamed up a 68-story combination hotel, apartment and office tower where the floors would rotate 360 degrees. Each floor would rotate independently, creating a constantly changing architectural form.

Each story of the tower would be shaped like a doughnut and be attached to a center core housing elevators, emergency stairs and other utilities. Wind turbines placed in gaps between the doughnuts would generate electricity.

The doughnuts won't rotate fast enough to give guests upset stomachs. A single rotation would take around 90 minutes. "It's quite slow," says Mr. Fisher.

I have a feeling lots more people would want to live in urban lofts if they got a 360 degree view of things.

Posted by Evan @ 04/11/07 04:01 PM


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Da Vinci towers – designed by Italian Architect David Fisher

Is Dubai real estate going mad or is their sense in the madness, forgive me, I cannot see the sense in this…
I have made alot of money in real estate, as it is money held in bricks and mortar, real money growing over time, obviously the location has to be right..

Sorry, this tower, is a form shifter, therefore has no form, is bulky, has no beauty, is an engineering risk, and therefore will not have my money.

The great Da Vinci, having his name attached to this building must be turning in his foundations...
Abdul Aziz -Dubai- Pakistan

Posted by Abdul Aziz @ 04/14/07 02:15 PM

Da Vinci is back, in Dubai – in the shape of a A 60 floor tower standing 300ft

A Building that changes the horizons of Dubai as it changes shape...

For sure the Novelty of moving in any direction with voice commands and remote control soon will turn into reality.
Upon hand over, if not straight away, a few days later may be when noise issues, on every floor moving that amount of bulk in wind loads that will cut across floor structures and create ad hock turbulence at every level..

People living on the higher floors
look down only to gaze at giant concrete slabs on the lower floors below them.

Are Home buyers paying for risk, or for a safe home?

I am not sure if I want to live in a development or a neighboring plot of a building that changes shape speedily and distracts me everyday. A floor that daringly moves at the command of some ones mind , and then says arrogantly look at me….
Sonita Kapoor - Delhi and Dubai
posted by Peter Jenkins

Posted by Peter Jenkins @ 04/14/07 02:33 PM

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