Newsflash at 11: People make stuff up online while pretending to be other people

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with Blakemore. He says it isn't him. It's rather odd that someone would seem to claim to be Blakemore and post such odd gossip that doesn't pass the smell test. Maybe the question is: why do some people make stuff up and post it online, while insinuating that they are political consultants?


The Professors note a bit of gossip I haven't seen anywhere else.

Here are some juicy rumors for you from Houston political consultant Allen Blakemore, courtesy of Burka's Blog this morning:

John Cornyn will not run for Senate again, and has not decided whether he will run for Governor or retire.
Greg Abbott will be the next GOP nominee for the junior Senator spot.
Kent Sullivan will be the next GOP nominee for Attorney General.

The rumors were left by "Dallas GOP" who links to Blakemore's clients page.

Seems like the commenter is claiming to be Blakemore. I have an email in to Blakemore to find out whether it is indeed him.

UPDATE: Blakemore says that it is not him. I've notified the Professors.

Color me very skeptical that Cornyn won't run for re-election.

Posted by Evan @ 01/29/07 04:54 PM


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