Inside gossip on Craddick and Pitts

I read the Pitts-Craddick back and forth when committee spots were assigned, and couldn't help but think there was much more to the story.

So, perhaps the real story is revealed by an anonymous commenter on Paul Burka's blog:

[Pitts] wanted to stay as Chairman of Appropriations, and if Craddick wasn't going to do that, for seats on both Appropriations and Ways & Means. The only way that Craddick could have accommodated the latter request was by making him CBO of Ways & Means, which would have meant denying John Otto a spot that he had earned through his background, outstanding work on the tax bill, and loyalty to the Craddick team. Craddick gave Pitts the option to turn in a blank pledge card and let Craddick find a CBO spot on a lower-tier committee, or to keep his pledge card and take a seat on Ways & Means. Pitts refused to make the choice, so Craddick made his choice for him.

To which Burka replied:
To the best of my knowledge, your description of what took place is accurate.

Posted by Evan @ 01/29/07 04:39 PM


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