"Men may construe things after their fashion" - Shakespeare

Over on Paul Burka's blog, I left a comment that:

Patricia Harless also defected and then went back to Craddick.

An anonymous commmenter apparently didn't like my statement of the facts:

The blogger who stated that Patricia Harless was a "defector" obviously has little firsthand knowledge of this woman. She is a rising star who isn't afraid to think outside the box and be a reasonable woman with some courage and statesmanship. The blogger has seriously underestimated her. Look for great things from Patricia.

Here's how I responded:

As the "blogger" in question, this spin is hilarious to me. I made a factual assertion easily supported by the record (eg, Kronberg reported -- on Jan 3, if my often-faulty memory serves -- that Harless had rescinded her pledge). Harless then voted against Geren's amendment.

I fail to see how I "seriously underestimated her" [in this comment] by stating the facts.

My guess is that Ms. Harless has an overenthusiastic supporter or staffer.

It's quite possible that Harless' managed to negotiate for a favorable committee spot in return for coming back to Craddick. If so, then perhaps rescinding was a very savvy Machiavellian move by her. Having no first-hand knowledge, I don't know. However, Ockham's Razor seems to suggest that Harless did herself no favors by pledging to Craddick, rescinding, and then coming back to Craddick.

But like I said, I don't know. I'm not underestimating her, in part because I wasn't estimating her at all! I was just stating the facts as reported by others. Harless did eventually pick the correct side (that is, picking the winner's side is always the correct side in internal legislative leadership races, all other things being equal), and let's all hope -- for Texas' sake -- that Harless has a great session and is a statesman.

Posted by Evan @ 01/26/07 06:35 PM


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>>My guess is that Ms. Harless has an overenthusiastic supporter or staffer.<<

I suspect you're right.

That supporter/staffer should learn to use fewer cliches. That response hurt my eyes.

Posted by kevin @ 01/26/07 07:36 PM

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