Draft Fred?

A couple months after me, Professor Bainbridge wants to hop on board the Fred Thompson for president bandwagon.

Posted by Evan @ 01/12/07 01:04 AM


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Heh, I think quite a few of us would jump on that bandwagon.

Posted by kevin @ 01/12/07 09:00 AM

I'd jump on that bandwagon.

Posted by Death to Craddick @ 01/13/07 07:54 PM

Thompson told a Washington, DC audience that his political career is over & he is now focusing on making money. The comments are at nathanslunch dot com

Posted by Topper @ 01/15/07 01:23 PM

Were you at the festivities? What's it like there?

Posted by celia @ 01/16/07 04:57 PM

Please visit http://www.fredstate.com or http://www.draftfredthompso... for more info.

Posted by Jeff @ 01/29/07 10:39 AM

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