Tom Craddick re-elected Speaker

Tom Craddick was re-elected Speaker this afternoon by a vote of 121-27. In reality, the vote was much closer, with Fort Worth Rep. Charlie Geren's amendment to an amendment in favor of a secret ballot being defeated 68-80. With the writing then on the wall, the House passed the rules for the election 96-51.

Apparently the 68-80 vote will be made public, but it has not been yet. So Pitts came up somewhere around 7 votes short. Not exactly seven, as some Craddick supporters -- like Joe Straus -- voted for secret ballots, I presume, based on their public statements.

You know who looks silliest? Patricia Harless and Thomas Latham, both House Republican freshman, who rescinded their pledges to Craddick on January 3rd, which was about the time it was starting to look like the Craddick challengers would come up short.

I guess the new Capitol parlor game is this: who will be appointed chair of Appropriations?

Posted by Evan @ 01/09/07 08:34 PM


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warren chisum

Posted by henry @ 01/09/07 10:21 PM

Seems likely to me.

Posted by evan @ 01/09/07 10:22 PM

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