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Michelle Middlecity in the Chron:

But Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, D-Dallas, acknowledged that there are plenty of Democrats champing at the bit to make Republicans feel their minority status.

But Johnson says she's been telling her GOP friends, "We're not going to be nearly as mean to you all as you've been to us."

I don't doubt Johnson is well-intentioned (although she's not the one who will make the decisions to be nice or not), but it's clear that House Democrats in the majority aren't going to treat the minority party any better than House Republicans in the majority.

They've already broken promises that they would allow the minority to participate. Here's Michael Barone, generally the wisest commentator on politics in Washington:

House Democratic leaders have promised that they will treat the minority more fairly than House Republicans treated them; House Republicans promised the same thing 12 years ago. But House Republicans didn't do so: The three-hour roll call they prolonged to pass the Medicare prescription drug bill in December 2003 was arguably greater abuse than anything the Democrats did in their 40 years in the majority in the House. Now, though Democrats say they'll be fairer after the "100 hours" vote, it looks like the Democrats are going to renege on their promise, too. So are the House Democrats and the House Republicans before them to be condemned as hypocrites? Not by me. I think both sides were sincere when they made their promises. But once in the majority, the Democrats are finding, as the Republicans did before them, it's difficult if not impossible to run a legislature with 435 members without tightly controlling procedure. That means limiting debate to a considerable extent.

Still, I'm puzzled that the Democrats aren't at least going through the motions of committee hearings.

I agree with every word. I remember how embittered House Republicans were when Jim Wright held a vote open for 30 minutes. But, of course, the precedent was set.

*Aw yeah, I'm bringing back the C&C Music Factory.

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