Dallas-based pizza franchise to accept Mexican pesos

Karen Robinson-Jacobs in the DMN:

Starting Monday, patrons of the Dallas-based Pizza Patrón chain, which caters heavily to Latinos, will be able to purchase American pizzas with Mexican pesos.

Restaurant experts and economists said they knew of no other food chain with locations so far from the Mexican border offering such a service.

"We're trying to reach out to our core customer," Antonio Swad, president of Pizza Patrón Inc., said Friday.

I'm surprised no one has done this yet. If there are people willing to pay in pesos, then why not accept pesos?

Posted by Evan @ 01/07/07 11:15 PM


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what's the premium for pesos at the pizza place? I gotta believe that there's a markup on pesos, either in the exchange rate or w/a fixed fee.

Also, how much float is there in the exchange rate? Fox had this on the news show @6 CST and it looked like they were using a printed card w/the exchange. If the exchange rate changes a lot, they're going to have to charge a premium so that they don't lose too much on the exchange.

Posted by yet another rice alum @ 01/08/07 08:44 PM

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