Mack: New Houston legislators

The Chron's Kristen Mack has brief portraits of Houston metro's new legislators:

Republicans will hold a 20-11 majority in the state Senate, and Patrick says Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who presides over the chamber, will shoulder much responsibility for its direction.

"Will he lead us to the right or to the middle? If he leads us to the right, I think he'll have tremendous support. If he leads us to the middle, there will be significant opposition," Patrick said.

I'm sure that those are Patrick's candid thoughts, but it also provides a great platform for a potential gubernatorial campaign!
Though not as well-known as Patrick, Miles also has made a splashy and not entirely favorable impression.

He caught the attention of some Austin lobbyists by hosting a fundraiser there and seeking contributions of as much as $5,000, a freshman faux pas.

"We asked for that, and we got it," Miles said, and he added that he doesn't think it was a mistake. "Mr. Miles is coming up here to play. I'm not going to Austin to play plantation politics." Good for him for asking for more, but he might want to re-think the third person references to self. Bob Dole can get away with it. He can't.

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