The ones we won't hear from

Peggy Fikac has an article on the gubernatorial race losers:

[Kinky] Friedman, mindful of the difficulty of seeking public office as a relatively underfunded independent, doesn't know if he'll run again.

"I think if I did, I would be a Republican or a Democrat," he said, adding he first wants to see "a large amount of dead presidents" meaning, "If you can get enough money at the beginning, then it makes sense."

Doesn't that kind of undermine the central message of his 2006 campaign? I'm confused.

Democrat Chris Bell, a Houston lawyer trying to decide what's next professionally, also is writing a book about the race and his outlook on Texas after that experience. Its working title is (again, what else?) "From Behind the Rock," taken from a Texas Monthly reference to him as Sisyphus, who in Greek mythology was doomed to forever roll an enormous rock uphill.

I hate to be catty, but I have a question: was Chris Bell more deluded to think people might read his book or to think he had a shot at being governor? I mean, he's a losing candidate for governor. By his own admission, he did worse than a corpse would do on the ballot. I find it hard to believe that he's going to produce a book that will get published.

Posted by Evan @ 01/02/07 12:19 AM


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