The Montgomery poll

To quote Harvey:

In another indicator of the shifting political climate, a poll released today by Montgomery & Associates shows that more Texans identify with the Democratic Party than the Republican Party.

In the poll, 45.1 percent of the respondents called themselves Democrats while 42.6 percent called themselves Republicans. This marks the first time in the poll's three-year history that more people identified themselves as Democrats than as Republicans. Last year, the spread was 49.2 percent to 37.2 percent in favor of the Republicans. The year before that, the spread was 54.7 percent to 33.9 percent.

The number of Texans who identified themselves as Independents dropped significantly from 2005 from 10.5 percent to 6.4 percent. The drop in the Independent column is curious because of the attention given this year to the independent gubernatorial candidacies of Kinky Friedman and Carole Keeton Strayhorn.

I'm more than skeptical, even beyond the obvious fact that the sample is of Texans, not Texans who vote.

Posted by Evan @ 12/28/06 05:06 PM


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No way Democrats outnumber Republicans in Texas. There's a much more accurate poll that we just was called an election.

Posted by TheRock @ 12/30/06 04:48 PM

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