Fort Bend GOP infighting

The Fort Bend GOP is squabbling. Apparently the Fort Bend GOP Executive Committee (ie, the precinct chairs) passed a resolution circumscribing the chairman's powers. This was probably a shot across Chairman Gary Gillen's bow.

Gillen has apparently responded by forming his own PAC, which will now carry out the party's annual Lincoln Day Dinner. In other words, his PAC paid for the banquet hall, and will apparently receive all the proceeds from the fundraiser.

Obviously, it's not lost on Gillen that he's consolidating his authority over the Fort Bend party by controlling the money. Gillen would probably argue that he's doing what he has to do to be effective, given the controls placed on him by the Executive Committee. His critics will argue that he's splitting the party, and making the party all about the chairman.

Whatever it is, it can't be good for the Republicans down there. At least a few of them have forgotten that the main role of the party is to beat Democrats, not fratricide.

Their quarterly meeting is occurring tonight, so I'm sure we'll have a juicy report from Chris Elam very soon.

Posted by Evan @ 12/14/06 11:04 PM


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