Saenz to lobby

Gardner Selby brings us some tidbits:

Luis Saenz, who directed Gov. Rick Perry's re-election campaign, plans to work as a lobbyist.

Clients are yet to be determined, Saenz said Tuesday, but he'll be renting office space near the Texas Capitol that is occupied by lobbyists including Reggie Bashur, Cliff Johnson and others.

Saenz, 39, joined Perry's campaign in December 2004 after resigning as the state's deputy secretary of state.

Because he hasn't worked for Perry's state office in more than a year, he's probably not subject to Perry's policy barring former gubernatorial aides from lobbying him for a year after they leave his employment.


[Dean] Barkley [former campaign manager for Kinky Friedman], reached by telephone on an East Coast swing, said he's hunting for a way to continue in politics maybe by helping an independent run for president in '08.

"I would like to stay in politics if I can find a way to make a living at it," he said.

The man is a former US Senator from Minnesota after all. Unfortunately, that Friedman campaign could've been run much better. The question is whether that's the candidate's fault or the adviser's fault.

Posted by Evan @ 12/10/06 10:06 PM


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