Daily CD23 runoff digest

1. WOIA San Antonio is reporting:

Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla made some bold allegations about his Democratic opponent Ciro Rodriguez on Monday.

Bonilla claims Rodriguez has ties to Islamic extremists and known terrorists. The allegations were brought forth at a news conference held Monday afternoon by Congressman Bonilla and former FBI Assistant Special Agent In Charge Al Ortiz.

Both Bonilla and Ortiz said a former close aid of Rodriguez has "worked as a political consultant and public relations director for several islamic organizations with known ties to terrorists.

They added Rodriguez received $350 in campaign contributions in 1998 from a man convicted of money laundering, and that Rodriguez co-sponsored legislation that Bonilla said would free convicted terrorrists.

When asked if he believes Rodriguez is a terrorist supporter, Bonilla replied, "We are just presenting facts today. They are irrefutable because they've been reviewed over and over again. This is an issue about dangerous judgment, that went on inside a Congressional office and it up to the voters to decide."

News 4 WOAI contacted Rodriguez's campaign officials. They said they needed to fully review the allegations before responding.

I'm fascinated that they aren't denying/parrying in some way. That's pretty...unusual.

2. KENS 5 News:

The runoff election for the Congressional District 23 seat was expected to bring out only hardcore voters, but early numbers show the race is an important one to many San Antonio residents.

There's no real way to compare the turnout to previous races, because at least as far back as anyone remembers, Bexar County never had to have a runoff election after the general election.

Over the weekend, more than 3,200 people showed up to vote on the first two days of early voting. Also, over 4,000 ballots have been mailed to the Bexar County Elections office.

3. Kay Bailey was in town for Bonilla:

Friday, Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison visited San Antonio to attend a get-out-the-vote rally for Mr. Bonilla, who said it's important for as many voters as possible to know that he has "one more round to go."

"Most people think the election is over," Ms. Hutchison told a group of Bonilla supporters. "We must remember what matters in this election. ... It is the people of this district getting out and voting."

She didn't mention that Bonilla needs to win this race to keep his dream alive of succeeding Hutchison as United States Senator from the state of Texas.

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