CD23 Rodriguez Bonilla fundraising

Gary Martin, SAEN:

Bonilla, R-San Antonio, reported $955,000 in cash-on-hand for the Dec. 12 election, compared to $91,000 for Rodriguez, according to reports covering the one-month period that ended Nov. 22.

Rodriguez raised $100,000 for the current reporting period. A $40,000 debt was eliminated before the Nov. 7 election. He also filed additional fundraising reports that show he raised another $72,000 last week.

Bonilla started the period with $1.9 million. He raised $322,000, and listed expenditures of $1.2 million.

Campaign expenditures are fueling a mudslinging contest.

The DCCC is running a television ad attacking Bonilla for votes on veteran health care and funding for National Guard troops.

A Bonilla ad attacks Rodriguez who served four terms in Congress before losing the Democratic primary to Henry Cuellar in 2004 for votes on national security and funds to combat terrorism.

Bonilla has a big resource advantage, although that could be wiped out entirely if the DCCC decides it wants to play. The D-Trip has a TV ad up now, but that's almost just perfunctory. It sounds like they've decided not to try to throw the Hail Mary pass to try and beat Bonilla. Rodriguez is an uninspiring candidate with no money of his own, who couldn't even decide whether he was in the race. He manage to skate into a runoff with only 20% of the vote due to his name ID alone.

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