Express News editorial board knocks Ciro Rodriguez


The limited time frame makes it imperative for the candidates to get their message to voters quickly.

Rodriguez is claiming the short window for campaigning is a "Republican scheme" to disenfranchise voters.

Instead of complaining, Rodriguez should make good use of his time to get his message out. The candidates knew the runoff would be on a short fuse and pushing the election closer to Christmas would further inhibit turnout.

The pair had agreed to a Dec. 1 debate. Regrettably, Rodriguez has since balked, claiming a scheduling conflict.

If Rodriguez hopes to represent the district in Congress, he should be willing to debate Bonilla on the date both chose.

A debate offers free name ID for Rodriguez. Considering that Rodriguez needs the debate much more than Bonilla does, he should really be willing to debate Bonilla.

Posted by Evan @ 11/25/06 02:06 PM


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